Our Vision

Our vision is that SeeMeHireMe will be a HR solution leader as the world transitions into a borderless reality. We have brought together different technologies & HR processes and integrated them on our smart platform. This integration speeds up the hiring process and makes it more efficient and cost effective.

Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a young entrepreneur who needed to hire someone for her small business. After going through the long process of posting a job, gathering resumes, screening the resumes, calling candidates (hopefully getting them on the first call), scheduling interviews and making the selection, she was overwhelmed.

Her pursuit to find the right person for the job and for business was exhausting. After all of that, she chose one candidate who soon after turned out to be the wrong person for the job.

Feeling discouraged, she dragged herself to a friend's couch and thought to herself "You can find a car online, you can find a house online and you can even find love online…why can't you find the right candidate online."

She started to think about the whole process…it was time consuming and flawed. This process had not changed in hundreds of years. It needed to be more efficient.

She went to her friend, Glen with her ideas and together they worked to take it from concept to product.

SeeMeHireMe was born.

The Team

Tammy Cole-Chief Executive Officer

Tammy has owned and operated her own business accounting and financial services company, T.O. Financial for the last fifteen years. She has consulted and provided a range of financial products and services to small and large scale organizations. Over the past decade, she has enjoyed helping small businesses grow. It was her innate solutions driven manner which led to the SeeMeHireMe concept. Tammy loves spending time with her husband and 2 children. She enjoys travelling and exploring new places and cultures

Glen Lancaster- Chief Financial Officer

Glen has operated his own accounting firm LBS Accounting for over 30 years. He has used his tax expertise to help thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He is a specialist in strategic & financial planning and it was these skills that were crucial in securing the development capital necessary to take SeeMeHireMe from concept to reality. Glen is a music lover who plays the piano, saxophone and has been known to carry a tune.