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Your Resume.

Showcase yourself like never before with the all new, 5D profile. Welcome to the new way of getting hired.

All the tools you need to get hired. And more.
5D Video Profiles
Profile Launchpad
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Integrated Online Interviews

Introducing Your 5D Candidate Profile. Adding an entirely new dimension to your resume.

Show employers the whole picture, not just what's on paper.

The only platform you'll need to get hired.

Giving you the tools and resources necessary to get hired faster.
Get an overview of everything that's happening with your applications and profile.
Video Pitch
A new way of showcasing your best self. A 30-second pitch talking about who you are.
Advanced Filtering
Search, sort, and filter through jobs you're interested in and apply for the ones you'll love.
Stop worrying about the follow-up with employer/candidate messaging built right in.
Engaging Blogs
If you're at your best when writing or speaking, then try our blog resumes and video blogs, updating employers into your everyday life.
Integrated Online Video Interviews
Schedule and manage all of your upcoming interviews with potential employers.

Why Us?

Here's an overview of everything you get when applying with SeeMeHireMe.

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Every candidate account has the access to create their own 5D profile. This enhanced resume allows you to show off your unique personality, excellent communication skills, creativity, and innovation with a 30-second video pitch.



Introduce yourself on paper. A traditional resume still holds value when applying. It gives the employer a deeper understanding of your skills, strengths, education and experiences.


From You

Present your own personal narrative with a cover letter or blog(s) that showcase how your unique combination of skills and experiences meet the key requirements of the job.


Your Work

It's time job applications become social. Social media can play a huge role in the hiring process. It helps hiring managers evaluate your previous work and get a glimpse into your personality, beyond your resume.

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