Our Story

How SeeMeHireMe went from a dream to a reality:

As a small business owner hiring staff is a time consuming and stressful process. As you know running a business requires us to wear many hats in the company and hiring is one of them. So, I did what everyone does when looking for staff. I posted an ad online.

First of all, the process is not intuitive, but there was nothing else available. Like you, I was preparing myself for the volumes of resumes that I would need to read, review, assess and then select candidates to interview. My method was extremely complex (wink wink), I started highlighting words in each resume that were important for the position while watching out for grammar and spelling errors.

After the first review, then I would go through the “Yes” pile a second time to pick the candidates to interview. This began the next stressful phase of the process telephone and voicemail tag. This process took many days to complete. Then came the scheduling of the interviews into an already busy schedule. To minimize the disruption, I tried to set-up what I called “the interview day” where all the candidates would come in on one day.

Interview day came, unfortunately there were no-shows and candidates that were not suitable. After this entire process and not finding the right candidate we had to start the process all over again. However, other times there were good potential candidates and then came the tough call of choosing.

Given today’s digital age there must be a way to make the process better that uses today’s technology to help the candidate and employer connect. First, allow the candidate to express themselves more effectively in the short time span an employer has to review someone’s application. Second, allow employers a more intuitive and better experience through this stressful process. Third, have it all available on one platform for both the candidate and employer to connect including the interview process.

Finally, we have a platform that does all of this and that is how SeeMeHireMe became to be.

The Team

Tammioka Salandy

Mother of Dragons (Founder & CEO)

Tammioka has owned and operated her own business accounting & financial services company, T.O. Financial for the last fifteen years. She has consulted and provided a range of financial products and services to small- and large-scale organizations. Over the past decade, she has enjoyed helping small businesses grow. While the most common problem identified by her clients over the years has been how to hire the right staff but it wasn’t until she had to hire herself that she felt the pain of this process. Tammioka has built SeeMeHireMe a robust platform to bring the high-tech tools to take the pain of hiring away.

Tammioka’s journey has revealed her talent for problem solving and her ability to take a solution/concept and create a product.

Spending time with her family is particularly important and she enjoys travelling and exploring new places and cultures. She is a sci-fi enthusiast and is a huge fan of Game of Thrones & Star Trek.

Glen Lancaster

Master of Coins (CFO)

Glen has operated his own accounting firm LBS Accounting for over 30 years. He has used his tax expertise to help thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He is a specialist in strategic & financial planning and it was these skills that were crucial in securing the development capital necessary to take SeeMeHireMe from concept to reality.

Glen is a music lover who plays the piano, saxophone and has been known to carry a tune.


The King’s Hand (Advisor)

With a background in accounting and as a business entrepreneurial consultant I have helped organizations meet their potential by solving and working through the challenges they face. Over the past 25 years as a consultant and executive I have developed a unique perspective in how organizations work. I have spent 13 years working for private and non-profits as their CFO, COO and CEO dealing with financial distress, rapid growth issues, lack of rebuilding and profitability. The other half has been consulting small businesses with their financial needs and meeting their compliance requirements.

What drives me in choosing the companies I work with is applying my unique and creative process to help organizations achieve and meet their desired goals.

Clarapaula Reyes

Marketing Enchanter (Marketing Coordinator)

With over 5 years of marketing, graphics, web, and digital design experience, Clarapaula always has the passion and determination to apply her innovative design skills and creativity in various prints and digital media. Passionate with multi-faceted areas of the marketing and communications industry, her experiences and capabilities grew over the years. She's always excited to grab new opportunities and enthusiastic to contribute to the success of the company.


Tech Wizard (IT Manager)

Kehinde is an IT professional and a Computer Science graduate with over 8 years of work experience in small, medium and large enterprise environments. Her major areas of expertise are in product & application management, project tracking, quality assurance, service operations and customer service.

Capitalizing on her unique tinkering trait and inquisitiveness from an early age, she was encouraged to choose this career path. Equipped with a strong appetite for learning she continues to up-skill and advance her career through completing relevant certifications and training courses.

Kehinde is driven everyday by the ability to create beautiful and satisfactory experiences for technology users and help forward-looking companies like SMHM set goals and consistently surpass customer expectations.

Her free time activities include spending time with her husband and kids, breaking and fixing, solving the Rubik’s cube and watching TV shows that promote multiculturalism.


Ambassador of Buzz (Social Media Marketing Specialist)

My name is Madelaine Lippay and I am the social media marketing specialist here at SeeMeHireMe. I developed my love for this industry when I saw the potential to connect personally with the client base while still promoting the brand.

I got my start in social media marketing through opening my own catering business and developing all the platforms that could promote my start-up and personal brands. That was the beginning of my love for helping start-ups get their name out there in the public and develop long lasting relationships with the people who matter the most -- the consumers.


Word Slayer (Copywriter)

Sydney has a background in modern languages and communications as he took French and Communication Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. He was a former Varsity Basketball player who played the shooting guard at Laurier for 3 years. As he progressed, he became a leader and a mentor to the team and in his final year he became the team captain. He recently graduated in the spring term of 2020.

During his last two summers at Laurier he’d work as a marketing intern at Marigold PR. There he wrote numerous blogs, and helped the company create content for the brands they were marketing.

In his spare time, he likes to play video games, exercise and listen to music. His favourite genre is hip hop and his favourites are Drake and Jay Z.