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We're building the next generation job platform to make hiring & applying more effective.

Who we are

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Our Values

We believe in providing a truly authentic, innovative, and unique experience to job hiring and that all starts here.


We believe in provide a unique, authentic experience for both candidates and employers


Creating a platform that drives more engagement and activity


We're a fun-spirited, vibrant group of talented individuals

Our Team.

Bringing years of experience and wizardry.

Mother of Dragons (Founder & CEO)

Tammioka has owned and operated her own business accounting & financial services company, T.O. Financial for the last fifteen years. She has consulted and provided a range of financial products and services to small- and large-scale organizations. Over the past decade, she has enjoyed helping small businesses grow. While the most common problem identified by her clients over the years has been how to hire the right staff but it wasn’t until she had to hire herself that she felt the pain of this process. Tammioka has built SeeMeHireMe a robust platform to bring the high-tech tools to take the pain of hiring away.

Tammioka’s journey has revealed her talent for problem solving and her ability to take a solution/concept and create a product.

Spending time with her family is particularly important and she enjoys travelling and exploring new places and cultures. She is a sci-fi enthusiast and is a huge fan of Game of Thrones & Star Trek.

Master of Coins (CFO)

Glen has operated his own accounting firm LBS Accounting for over 30 years. He has used his tax expertise to help thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He is a specialist in strategic & financial planning and it was these skills that were crucial in securing the development capital necessary to take SeeMeHireMe from concept to reality.

Glen is a music lover who plays the piano, saxophone and has been known to carry a tune.

The King's Hand (Advisor)

With a background in accounting and as a business entrepreneurial consultant I have helped organizations meet their potential by solving and working through the challenges they face. Over the past 25 years as a consultant and executive I have developed a unique perspective in how organizations work. I have spent 13 years working for private and non-profits as their CFO, COO and CEO dealing with financial distress, rapid growth issues, lack of rebuilding and profitability. The other half has been consulting small businesses with their financial needs and meeting their compliance requirements.

What drives me in choosing the companies I work with is applying my unique and creative process to help organizations achieve and meet their desired goals.

Master of Wizardry (Director of Tech)

Ian is a software developer with natural talent and a sixth sense for technical workflows. His strong execution leads projects to success - using objectives to reduce tech debt and maximize scalability & performance. His goal is to reach a million social media followers. In his spare time, he enjoys playing piano, as well as reading and writing answers on tech forums.

Master of Buzz (Director of Social Media)

Isiah spent 4 years at McMaster University studying Computer Science, Philosophy & Psychology.  He was the President of The McMaster University Gymnastics Club and was an integral part of its formation.  

As a creative, he’s passionate about creating unique social media strategies.  He enjoys writing music, playing the guitar, exercising & playing video games.

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