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Streamline your hiring process with tools that make sifting through piles of candidates feel a little less painful. SeeMeHireMe is bringing a new era of tech-enablement to your hiring strategy.

Spend Less Time Finding the Right Talent to Support your Business

As recruiters and hiring managers, we’re all familiar with the shuffle of finding talent to fill job openings. We spend our days weeding out under-qualified candidates while constantly feeling the stress of skill gaps and the Great Resignation, making a tough job a little harder to do well.

Help is here–SeeMeHireMe offers a solution that brings candidates and employers together and makes the whole process of finding and recruiting for your open positions feel a little easier.

✔ A Convenient, Intuitive Platform that DOES IT ALL.

✔ The Right Hiring Tools to Keep Things Organized

✔ A Fresh Take on Candidate Selection to Help You Make Better Choices

Get to Know Your Candidates

Take advantage of features like 5D video profiles to get to know your candidates before you narrow down the list. This innovative feature provides a little more human interaction in the application process, providing context to candidate applications that just can’t be conveyed on paper.

Simplify the Process

See all your job postings, applicants, scheduled interviews, assessments, and more from a single dashboard. SeeMeHireMe is your all-inclusive hiring platform that makes the process a whole lot easier. Launchpad is the command center for all your hiring activities, providing you with an easy-to-use dashboard to stay on top of your hiring to-do’s.

Effortlessly Connect with Candidate

SeeMeHireMe is designed to bring candidates and hiring managers together, providing a platform designed to facilitate interaction with direct messaging, video interviews, and asynchronous video tools.

Get More Done in Less Time

With all the tools that you need in one place–including your candidate pool, we aim to keep things simple so that you can do more in less time. Take advantage of advanced filtering options to sort and organize applicants, use direct messaging to quickly connect, and keep track of all your communications so that you can time follow ups appropriately.

Take Control of Your Recruitment Strategy Today

SeeMeHireMe is an innovative approach to a complicated process. The average job posting sees 118 applications. Even a quick skim through the candidate pile can take several hours. And that’s a process that you’ll likely repeat a few times as you comb through looking for details to help you prioritize who to interview first.

The Right Tech Tools Can Save You So Much Time

Advanced filtering options can help you cut through the clutter when your applicant pool reaches into the triple digits. Find the best fit by narrowing your list down by years of experience, specific skills, or keywords. It’s a better alternative to 10 different piles of paper resumes spread across a conference room table.

Here is what SeeMeHire can do for you:

  • Use Launchpad to Simplify Your Schedule and To-Do List
  • Get a Closer Look at Your Favorite Candidates with Video Pitches
  • Leverage Advanced Filtering to Find the Right Candidates in Less Time
  • Use Direct Messaging to Connect with Promising Applicants
  • Go Even Deeper with Candidates Before Committing to an Interview with Candidate Blogs
  • Use Technology to Connect Anytime, Anywhere with Integrated Video Interviews

We’re All About Making Your Job Easier!

Ask anyone–hiring is a tough job.

SeeMeHireMe can help with a fully-featured digital platform that brings candidates and hiring managers together, revolutionizing the hiring process with the features that you’ve come to love across the internet.

What Can You Do with SeeMeHireMe?

The real question is–what can’t you do? With SeeMeHireMe, all your hiring needs get done in one place.

Finding Employees, Done.

SeeMeHireMe offers just as many streamlined features for job seekers, attracting a large and diverse talent pool ready to put their best foot forward.

Stellar Job Postings, Done.

Use our intuitive job posting tool to share the meat and potatoes of your opportunities with the world, highlighting just the right details to inspire action from the right candidates.

Structured Recruiting & Hiring, Done.

Bring all your recruiting and hiring activities to one place. Our intuitive dashboard has everything you need, allowing you to post openings, view applications, research candidates, and much more.

Connect with Promising Candidates, Done.

Find the right fit and reach out with direct messaging to get in touch without leaving the platform. Schedule your interviews and assessments with one click, and conduct video interviews just as easily. With integrated tools all in one platform, candidate screening is a breeze!

Track Applicants & Facilitate Timely Follow Ups, Done.

See your entire hiring process at a glance with Launchpad, our feature-packed platform. See all your job postings, candidates, messages, and next-steps in one convenient location. There are a million things to do throughout the hiring process and we can help you wrangle all those tasks, putting them into a manageable flow to keep you organized.

Attract Great Candidates with an Innovative Company Culture, Done.

Actions speak louder than words and there is no better way to let candidates know that your company is innovative, tech-friendly, and on the leading edge of change than to offer an exciting new hiring format. The candidate-side of the platform is filled with just as many features to make job hunting easier. SeeMeHireMe is truly created to be a space that brings efficiency and effectiveness to the hiring process for both sides.

Take the Hassle Out of Finding Qualified Candidates

Fill your open jobs with better candidates that stay longer, fixing both your skills gap and retention problems with a better hiring process. Small businesses, medium businesses, and large corporations all need new tools for a new era in human talent.

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Finding Employees Can be a Struggle, But it Doesn’t Have to Be

There is a lot of buzz out there about how difficult it has become to find good employees. New technology is pushing an increasing skills gap between the workers that are available and the talent that businesses need. A shift in societal values is driving The Great Resignation–a time of unprecedented employee turnover across all industries. The economic climate is fueling a demand for higher wages. And the list goes on…

The job of a hiring manager is never easy and the cycle never ends. There are always positions to fill, so it’s time to think about how to work smarter and not harder to get great candidates in the door.

A smarter hiring process starts with tech-enablement.

Invest in a Smarter Hiring Process

Sure, early-generation AI tools that promised to help filter and select candidates weren’t the best. Great candidates got buried simply because they didn’t put the right keywords on their resumes while a stack of lackluster candidates came your way.

We hear you–and this isn’t that.

No hiring manager wants to spend their days looking at rich text file formatted resumes. You need tech tools that will actually make your job easier.

SeeMeHireMe offers a well-designed, intuitive platform that promises to solve the hiring process woes for both employers and job seekers. We use tech enablement to bring life to candidate profiles with engaging video pitches and candidate blog content so that hiring managers can get a true sense of who someone is before reaching out.

And once you’re ready to connect, we give you all the tools that you need to make that happen. Our platform includes both asynchronous and synchronous communication tools, scheduling features, integrated assessments, and more.

At SeeMeHireMe, we make it our mission to make hiring great employees easier than it’s ever been.

But we’re also here to support you through the process with great customer service and actionable tips that can transform your hiring process from day one.

Tips for Finding Good Employees

While our feature-rich platform can go a long way towards smoothing out a rough hiring process, we have a few more great tips to share. Companies with the best success in hiring qualified candidates adopt these habits:

  • Review Candidates Daily
  • Consider Internal Candidates First
  • Engage on Social Media
  • Boost Job Posting Visibility with Digital & Print Channels
  • Don’t Discount Lack of Experience
  • Leverage Current Employees as Brand Ambassadors
  • Invest in Writing Great Job Postings
  • Openly Advertise Benefits Packages with Job Postings
  • Practice Transparency with Company Culture
  • Find Ways to Let Candidates Know What it is Really Like to Work There

Recruiting and hiring employees is a different type of marketing, but it still takes the same skillset. As much as you are combing through candidates with a healthy amount of skepticism, job seekers are eyeing your company the same way. Decide what message you want to broadcast to potential employees and share it loud and proud.

Get Better Candidates with Less Busy Work

Update your hiring process with the right tools for a workflow that produces results without adding more work. SeeMeHireMe is the only hiring tool that you need for the next evolution in tech-friendly HR. Take advantage of our risk-free trial when you sign up today.

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Got a question?

Can I upload multiple video pitches?

Yes, multiple video pitches can be uploaded and deleted from your Launchpad.

Is my profile public to all employers or to just who I share them with?

Your profile will only be visible to employers that have received your application, and employers using our Resume Search system.

What are the assessments?

Assessments are a flexbile way for employers to understand more about you and your overall knowledge.

Can I record my video pitch on my phone?

Yes, you can record a video using your device's Camera app, and upload the video to your profile from your device's Library.

Is your platform free for candidates to use?

Yes, our app is completely free for Job Seekers.