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Finally, an easy way to make your resume stand out. In a sea of hundreds, it can be frustrating to catch the eye of the hiring manager. It’s true–on average, a typical job posting has about 118 applications for every one hire.

The right tools, like our free resume builder can put your name at the top of that list.

Look, We Get it–More than You Think

The process of applying to dozens of jobs only to see your resume filtered out by keyword bots or overwhelmed hiring staff before you even get to make an introduction is soul crushing!

There is a better way and our free resume builder can help.

SeeMeHireMe is bridging the gap between candidates and employers, helping you land your dream job–faster.

Build your Resume with Ease [For Free]

Not sure where to start? SeeMeHireMe makes building the perfect resume feel easy. Our intelligent platform will walk you through a series of questions designed to collect the right details. All you need to do is answer honestly. We’ll do the rest.

Highlight Your Qualifications

Let your resume do the talking for you, with the right keywords to sail through AI-assisted hiring tools and clear communication for hiring managers that need to know what you bring to the table. Don’t let an outdated resume stop you from getting your dream job.

Tailor Your Resume to Different Job Postings

Get the best of both worlds–a custom resume for every job without the labor intensive time commitment. At SeeMeHireMe, our free resume builder can generate a perfectly formatted document that details just the right skills and experience based on the information you provide.

Support your Job Search with a Full-Featured Digital Platform

SeeMeHireMe is much more than just a free resume builder. It’s a total tech-enablement tool designed for modern job hunting and hiring. Upload your pitch video, track the status of your applications, keep track of interviews, and much more with one-of-a-kind technology built to simplify your job search. Our free resume builder is just the beginning.

Streamline Your Resume Updates & Job Search

One tool does it all with SeeMeHireMe. We provide an innovative new way to use technology in your job search. Instead of endlessly filling out computerized applications that go straight to the reject pile, we put everything in one place–your details, resumes, cover letters, job history, opportunities, and more.

Free Resume Builder

Log your personal details like job history and education on your SeeMeHireMe profile and effortlessly generate a free resume whenever you need to apply for a new job.

Add Dimension with 5D Video Pitches

Put a little oomph behind your resume with a 30-second video pitch, giving hiring managers a little bit of facetime so that you can nail your first impression with genuine human interaction.

Personalize Your Resume Deets

Some details change. Some don’t. Take advantage of the time-saving efficiency of SeeMeHireMe’s free resume builder. We’ll transfer the static details like what college you attended and what you did at your last job. And we’ll let you customize what matters, like writing a short, snappy headline tailored to the job opening or self selecting what experience to show.

Stylish Formatting

Choose from three color options to showcase your skills in a clean, modern format. You’ll appreciate the bold color that highlights your headline messaging and generous use of whitespace so that your resume looks polished and professional.

Build a Better Resume in Less Time

How long has it been since you last looked for a job? There’s a solid chance that the expectations for your resume have changed. Instead of playing the worst game of trial and error ever–let us make it easy for you.

All you need to do is enter your personal details [once] and we’ll put the information into a clean, modern resume format that you can use over and over again.

Why You Need a New [Professional-Looking] Resume

A resume is the standard when it comes to documenting your skills and experience for potential employment offers. For most jobs, it would be silly to apply without one. And an old, dated resume with funky formatting isn’t going to do you any favors.

Tech-Enabled Tools for a Tech-Enabled Workforce

The modern job search is tech-enabled. Most employers want you to apply online or use AI-assisted technologies to help filter and qualify job candidates. This means that you have a whole lot of hoops to jump through before you can get a face-to-face meeting.

Most resume builders are pretty basic. You can enter your information and receive a formatted output. But not all resume builders are equal. Aesthetics are more important than you might think. While you want the convenience of using a resume builder, you don’t necessarily want your resume to look like you used a resume builder tool.

That’s where it pays off to use a well-developed tool like SeeMeHireMe’s free resume builder that utilizes clean, modern, stylish resume templates to provide you with a resume that you can be proud to present.

Our professionally formatted resume will help job seekers just like you showcase their skills and work experience to land an interview.

Make a Great First Impression

You need a great-looking resume to make a great first impression. The truth is, even the most experienced or highly skilled candidates can miss opportunities if they flub the presentation.

We already know that recruiters and hiring managers love resumes, and they’re likely to gravitate towards the ones that are the most visually appealing. We also know that your resume is your first impression. It’s an advertisement for your skills and experience as a job candidate.

As the tool that will help you land your dream job, your resume is an important piece of the puzzle.

Stop Wasting your Time with Lackluster Results. Streamline Your Job Search with Our Free Resume Builder Today.

SeeMeHireMe is revolutionizing the job search and hiring process, connecting qualified  job seekers with great opportunities by taking out all the hurdles that stand in the way of finding that perfect match.

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Got a question?

Can I upload multiple video pitches?

Yes, multiple video pitches can be uploaded and deleted from your Launchpad.

Is my profile public to all employers or to just who I share them with?

Your profile will only be visible to employers that have received your application, and employers using our Resume Search system.

What are the assessments?

Assessments are a flexbile way for employers to understand more about you and your overall knowledge.

Can I record my video pitch on my phone?

Yes, you can record a video using your device's Camera app, and upload the video to your profile from your device's Library.

Is your platform free for candidates to use?

Yes, our app is completely free for Job Seekers.