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Get Hired Faster with Our Free Resume Builder

Finally, an easy way to make your resume stand out. In a sea of hundreds, it can be frustrating to catch the eye of the hiring manager. It’s true–on average, a typical job posting has about 118 applications for every one hire.

The right tools, like our free resume builder can put your name at the top of that list.

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How to Find Employees

Streamline your hiring process with tools that make sifting through piles of candidates feel a little less painful. SeeMeHireMe is bringing a new era of tech-enablement to your hiring strategy.

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Can I upload multiple video pitches?

Yes, multiple video pitches can be uploaded and deleted from your Launchpad.

Is my profile public to all employers or to just who I share them with?

Your profile will only be visible to employers that have received your application, and employers using our Resume Search system.

What are the assessments?

Assessments are a flexbile way for employers to understand more about you and your overall knowledge.

Can I record my video pitch on my phone?

Yes, you can record a video using your device's Camera app, and upload the video to your profile from your device's Library.

Is your platform free for candidates to use?

Yes, our app is completely free for Job Seekers.